Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Suzanne gave her ‘yes’ to God at the age of 7. From an early age, the love of family and the joy of Church community nurtured a passion within her for Worship and the Word of God. 


Singing, playing piano/woodwind, serving in the local church, touring with the Continentals and playing in Jim Bailey’s Kingdom Kids at Spring Harvest were some of the highlights of her teenage years. Suzanne loved school so much she never left, training to be a primary school teacher. Significant steps were taken while attending Worship Academy run by Chris Bowater and Andy Bromley, where Suzanne gleaned from the sessions of teaching, training and community.


From her early days Suzanne has enjoyed talking to God through songwriting. Over the years many of her songs and co writes have been shared in the primary school setting, with the local church, have featured on congregational album recordings and a number have been published worldwide (The Cross Speaks, Take Your Place, Trust in the Lord and Be Moved).


Suzanne is part of the Elim family in Ireland and over the years has served as the Creative Worship Director at Bangor Elim and Worship Director at Hillsborough Bible week, ministering alongside many - including Jeff Lucas, RT Kendall and the late Jim Graham. Suzanne presently serves as Worship Coordinator with Alistair Ritchie at Wondrous Elim Bible week, working alongside gifted speakers and worship leaders who have ministered there - including Lara Martin, Nathan Jess, Helen Yousaf, Rosemary McAuley and Malcolm Duncan.  


Suzanne also serves as the Irish Coordinator for Elim Sound and is a Worship Coach for the E.S. School of Worship. Passionate about seeing others released in their gifting, Suzanne loves to gather worshippers for encouragement, training, teaching and development. Suzanne has featured as a vocalist and a writer on a number of the Elim Sound albums. She has recently led worship at the national Elim Leadship Summit alongside notable artists such as Sam Blake, Ian Yates and Noel Robinson. 


In recent years, Suzanne and her husband John have been part of an exciting journey of church planting in Holywood, where they serve in Coastlands Elim Church. They consider it a joy to be sharing in the adventure of building community and nurturing and serving on the worship team. Having ‘a local heart and a global vision’ is central to Suzanne’s heart for ministry and as she seeks to serve in the local church she is welcoming doors of invitation - both local and regional - to share the Word of God and minister in worship. 


The debut album, ‘Here and Now’ is a collection of 10 songs produced by Nathan Jess and includes co-writes by both Nathan and Chris and Abby Eaton. The project was a worshipful work of heart with the vision being to craft truth-led songs of invitation for the people of God to encounter Jesus in their ‘Here and Now’. 


“I gave my ‘yes’ to God at 7 and the daily surrender of my ‘yes’ has brought me on adventures of faith I never thought possible. I’m excited to continue this journey of discovery, digging deep in the Word, celebrating all things life with the family of God and lifting up the name of Jesus!”